Bekir Dogan

A reference Mesos cluster setup - 3, OpenVPN

Running OpenVPN with auto-failover

I've been using SSH tunnels to reach my cluster from remote, but I needed a more proper solution for this. Using OpenVPN could also give me DNS configuration for free and I can be able to use *.mesos domains from my laptop.

Initially, I set up OpenVPN manually on a host but it didn't get too long to lose that node and hence . . .

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August 18, 2015

A reference Mesos cluster setup - 2, cluster setup

Building the Mesos cluster, run mesos-dns via Marathon, create and use private docker-registry

Previously I talked about my overall goal about installing a cluster , I started with a simple mesos installation which will mostly a recap of a standard DCOS cluster installation with some minor differences:
* underlying distribution is Ubuntu-14.04 (but I will install mesos via deb packages from mesosphere, thanks to Mesosphere guys for . . .

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August 11, 2015

A reference Mesos cluster setup - 1, planning

Setting goals, planning and preparation of idea ...

After having my own bare-metal cluster at home, I will try to build a sample system just for fun with overall goals:
* minimum dependency on any existing *aaS, and make the system self contained for each piece,
* prevent any kind of vendor-lock-in,
* make any part of system HA (dc-wide only),
* zero touch ops, allow system to . . .

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August 03, 2015