Bekir Dogan

Why I didn't like Azure!

~8 months ago I spent couple of months trying to deal with Azure. Recently I've been asked about Azure a couple of times and tried to put together why I feel like Azure is not suitable for using as part of automation I used to work on.
Be warned that most things written here are my personal thoughts and already quite old.I got several . . .

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March 06, 2017

New in OpenShift! Beware the wrong versions and documentation!

Here is how to avoid some traps when starting with OpenShift, or "OpenShift for Kubernetes users".


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February 26, 2017

Ireland DevOps CV writing 101

My take on how a CV should look in Ireland if you are a DevOps with some experience. (May also be applicable to Developers.)

I moved to Dublin from Turkey, and after than I had chance to refer some friends to companies I worked, or helped some people want to move into countries in Europe by finding an IT job. This is mostly relevant for guys with some experience.

Here is my take on how your CV should be prepared if you want to move to Ireland by finding a . . .

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January 31, 2017

A reference Mesos cluster setup - 3, OpenVPN

Running OpenVPN with auto-failover

I've been using SSH tunnels to reach my cluster from remote, but I needed a more proper solution for this. Using OpenVPN could also give me DNS configuration for free and I can be able to use *.mesos domains from my laptop.

Initially, I set up OpenVPN manually on a host but it didn't get too long to lose that node and hence . . .

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August 18, 2015

A reference Mesos cluster setup - 2, cluster setup

Building the Mesos cluster, run mesos-dns via Marathon, create and use private docker-registry

Previously I talked about my overall goal about installing a cluster , I started with a simple mesos installation which will mostly a recap of a standard DCOS cluster installation with some minor differences:
* underlying distribution is Ubuntu-14.04 (but I will install mesos via deb packages from mesosphere, thanks to Mesosphere guys for . . .

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August 11, 2015

A reference Mesos cluster setup - 1, planning

Setting goals, planning and preparation of idea ...

After having my own bare-metal cluster at home, I will try to build a sample system just for fun with overall goals:
* minimum dependency on any existing *aaS, and make the system self contained for each piece,
* prevent any kind of vendor-lock-in,
* make any part of system HA (dc-wide only),
* zero touch ops, allow system to . . .

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August 03, 2015

Home cluster setup

Start of playing with "home-cooked" cluster...

Recently, as a hobby project, I was looking for playing with some recently popular tools like mesos, kubernetes, docker-swarm and many other related. After playing around some tests clusters on Digital Ocean and AWS and spending dozens of dollars each month, I realized that I need some constantly running boxes to see how do these brand new . . .

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August 02, 2015